Urinetown synopsis

Urinetown synopsis

Urinetown Synopsis - Broadway musical

The near future. The human activity has led to water shortages. People live in cities and are forced to visit only the public toilets to relieve themselves. Mega-concern ‘Urine Good Company’ holds control over such institutions. The life of the population depends on the decisions of the toilet authorities. Everyone has to pay for the natural needs; if he is unable to do this – he forcibly send to Urinetown. What is happening there – is not known. No one returned from there, everyone is afraid to get there.

In a poor district of the city, there is a big queue to the toilet. Bobby works as an assistant of hostess of the place – greedy Mrs. Pennywise, who is stingy and never let anyone in for free. Comes Bobby's father and asks to let him in the toilet just once without charge. The hostess refuses, so he is forced to relieve himself directly nearby. Police takes him for this, sending in Urinetown.

In ‘Urine Good Company’ the head of the entire corporation Cladwell discusses raising the payment for toilet usage. Daughter of the manager, Hope, works there as a secretary, faces Bobby one day and a feeling erupts between younglings.

The increase of payment is announced. Bobby is against such decision of the authorities, and opens the doors to everyone who wants to get to the toilet for free. Riot is maturing, police arrive, Mr. Cladwell is preparing to destroy Bobby despite the fact that he is liked by his daughter. Due to the numerical superiority, ordinary residents temporarily win the fight. They manage to steal Miss Hope and hide her. Only now, Bobby finds out who his beloved is.

People temporarily get underground and hide in the sewer systems. They understand that the opposition cannot last forever. The rebels are trying to blackmail the authorities that they have Hope are ask to set free use of toilets.

Mr. Cladwell lures Bobby, offering him a suitcase full of money, the forgiveness of all those who participated in the riot, if people return him his daughter and agree with the new fee rates for the toilet’s use. He refuses, believing that people have the right to relieve their natural needs without charge. The police take Bobby in Urinetown. In fact, they throw him off the roof, as they do with everyone who violates public order. Urinetown turns out a fictional place.

Poor people, learning about the essence of Urinetown and death of Bobby, are ready to kill Hope. Then it turns out that Miss Pennywise is the mother of a hostage. People do not touch the girl, shocked by the news. Hope takes the leadership of the revolution into own hands. People break into corporation, grab Cladwell and throw him off the roof. There comes a universal prosperity – now anyone can go to the toilet as much as he wants. But general happiness does not last long – the water reserves are being depleted, people are doomed. After all, ‘Urine Good Company’ was able to maintain a reasonable consumption of water and somehow delayed the inevitable retribution.
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