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Live Like This lyrics

Live Like This

Today is the day
I've been waiting forever
It's the first day of August, 1893
Tonight there's a fair
And if handled just so
I might get my mother to say I can go

Mrs. Foster:

[spoken] Coming, Mother!

Getting out of the house
Happens, well, never
There's a gate and a look and rules to abide
I wish I had wings
I'd look good with a pair
But if wings are too much at least give me the fair

Let this be the day
I stay out all evening
And fall right into step as a band starts to play
Not another boring day
In Treegap, New Hampshire
I can't, live like this

Today is the day
The waiting is over
Tonight we will all be a family again
My boys will be home by the end of the day
I can't wait
I should wait
No, I'll meet them halfway

Let this be the day
I'm free or this cabin
Where the only thing that moves
Is the clock on the wall
Better off to start the hall to start the haul
To Treegap, New Hampshire
I can't, live like this
Can't live like this

Off the train in New Hampshire
And it's back in an instant
The feeling that I'm somewhere I
Don't belong

Jesse: Hello Treegap, New Hampshire!
Catch me up on what's new
Your silo I see still has the best view

I swear Miles: I swear
Is there anyone Almost there
Who still knows me This town never outgrows me
Almost there Unaware
Unaware I'll never know why
I'll never know why

This world chose me

Live like this

Miles: Live like this

Jesse: Live like this

Both: Live like this,

The Man in the Yellow Suit:
Today a new town
And a new one tomorrow
My whole life employed
To a traveling fair
You may wonder why
This old barker barks on
It's the trail no one knows I have stumbled upon

Let this be the day
That's learn the secret
And find what holds the key
To what I'm looking for
I will knock on every door in
Treegap, New Hampshire
To, live like this
Live like this

Let this be the day
Where something will happen

The Man in the Yellow Suit:
Something will happen!

Let me see the fair
Let my mother agree!

Let me see my boys

I feel it coming over me
In Treegap, New Hampshire
I will

Group One:
Live like this
I could live like this

Group Two:
Live like this
Live like this

I could live like this forever
Live like this
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