Hugo's First Case lyrics - Tuck Everlasting

Hugo's First Case lyrics

Hugo's First Case

Big Day, first case.
Girl's gone, no trace.
Small town, no crime,
Now Treegap's hit the big time.

What's this? Fresh tracks.
Who's there? Relax.
Footprints, size 9.
A clue, yahoo! Nope, those are mine.

No dirty deed goes exactly as planned,
Look that's what it says in my deputy handbook.
Even the best crook, leaves you a clue.

Big Day, first case, girl's gone, no trace.
Hugo, you know what to do.

Constable Joe [spoken]:
Hugo! There you are.
This being your first missing persons case,
I recommend you keep your eyes open and your mouth closed.

[Thanks to Lizzie C, Olivia C, Ella for lyrics]

A New Broadway Musical (2016)
Tuck Everlasting the Musical - Hugo's First Case - Pt. 2 Lyrics

Song from the musical 'Tuck Everlasting' performed by Michael Wartella (Hugo).

House call
Leave no stone unturned
Flip here
Flip there
These flipping thins are everywhere...
Don't give up now, search cranny and nook
That's what it says in my deputy handbook
[pulling things from his bag frantically]
No that's not it, no that's my lunch
Where could it be?
Big day
Who took
Young girl
My book

Constable Joe [spoken]:
Get a clue and let's get on with it

Hugo [softly]:
Will you make deputy...

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