Tarzan synopsis

Tarzan synopsis

Tarzan Synopsis - Broadway musical

The British ship gets into a storm around the coasts of Africa. Among the living only stay a married couple and their young son. To survive in the wild, they build a house in the trees from the ship remains. People are attacked by a leopard. As a result, the father and mother die, and the little boy is left alone in the jungle.

At the same time, in a flock of gorillas, at their leader Kerchak and his spouse Kala a baby is born. But the joy of the parents is short, as suddenly from the jungle appears leopard and steals a small gorilla. The mother goes in search of him, but finds human baby and returned with him to the flock. She takes care and educates him as own son and gives him the name Tarzan. The leader of the flock is against the human being among them, considering it dangerous. Little man befriended the young gorilla named Terk, who teaches him skills in the jungle. After a boy made a spear of stick, the leader drives him away, believing that he has become dangerous for the flock. He lives apart from the gorillas. Kala visits her son in the jungle and supports him. The boy does not understand why he is different from all others, because he does not remember people, and considers himself a gorilla. Gradually the child grows into a strong and clever boy. After he kills a leopard, who attacker gorillas, the leader allows him to return.

In the jungle appear people – they arrived to catch apes. Young girl Jane Porter, a member of the expedition, while walking through the jungle, falls into the trap of a giant spider. Tarzan saves her. And so they are introduced. A girl tells him how people live. Afterwards, a girl tells her father Professor Porter and Clayton, leader of the expedition, that she has discovered gorilla colony in the jungle, and introduces them to the wild man. Young people fell in love to each other, and it is disliked by the senior of expedition, who also loves Jane. She explains the young man that he is a man, not an ape, and his place is among the people. A girl asks her father and leader to abandon the plan of capture apes. Kala shows his adopted son the former living place of his killed parents, and he decides to return to life among people. Expedition leader wants the young man took them into the land where the gorillas live. Leader of the flock prohibits all contacts with the people and requires the boy to decide – with whom he is. Kerchak disperses arrived people and Clayton kills him. For this, Tarzan encounters with a senior of expedition and wins in the fight, but he is prevented to kill him by the professor, who asks to let Clayton go.

A flock of gorillas convinces Tarzan not to leave them in a difficult moment and to become their leader. Duty to his family takes over, and he stays, and Jane stays with him too.
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