Tarzan review

Tarzan review

Tarzan Review - Broadway musical

Musical ‘Tarzan’ has likely been designed for family viewing. The story, which appeared more than a hundred years ago, is known to all generations. After the eponymous films and colorful cartoons (and the latest film of mid-2016) children is sure to be of interest to look at this theatrical performance. Bright scenery and costumes, wonderful music by Phil Collins, the constant change of events are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. Particular interest raises acrobatic implementation. A lot of action in the play takes place at the height and actors sometimes sweep over the heads of the audience. In terms of technology, the show is very complex. The predominance of green color, hanging lianas – all this jungle stylization is very plausible. And in combination with the play of light and shade, it creates a 3D effect. The distance between the stage and the auditorium of beholders fades out – it is worth a look!

When watching the show, emotions of actors so clearly expressed, that at some point viewers cease to distinguish between ones acting people and animals. Probably, each one looking at the scene will get emotional message from a certain character of his kind. Here are present all-consuming and all-forgiving mother's love – in the face of a female gorilla Kala, who loves her baby, no matter what. And the leader Kerchak, who performs his duty to protect his family and flock till the very end. Although between the gorilla-leader and Tarzan there is a certain rivalry, as it happens between father and son, only in the finale it becomes clear – just growing up to adulthood, you can understand the motives of some of the actions of adults. In terms of educational issue, this performance is of great momentum – children should learn the world on these stories. In musical, there are many oppositions, constant struggle, and of course, a love triangle. All these conflicts quickly replace one another and keep the audience in suspense. Actions are very dynamic and fast, so the time flies by, the play looks at one go.

To make the show, according to different estimates, were spent from 12 to 15 million dollars. Whether such investments had been justified – there is no official information from all sources. But as we can consider from the similar productions, budgets like these recoup themselves only after 500-600 productions. So may it be quite true that the investments were of zero profit. At least, producers didn’t lose much or almost nothing.

Production had good reviews in the press. For the German staging, actors were taken on a reality show. In Germany, the histrionics has been popular amongst tourists – many adjusted their routes to get to the show. On the tourist forums, people even shared information, where to stay better, to be closer to the theater. So no wonder that German production was the longest in time amongst all.

The musical has received the following awards: the prize for a breakthrough musical talent received an actor R. Link for the role of Tarzan in 2007; a full-length musical best actor – C. Peroti for the role of Terk in 2007; the prize for best full-fledged musical – in 2008. It also received nominations: best designer; best lighting design; best sets; best creative achievement.
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