Summer Stock synopsis

Summer Stock synopsis

Summer Stock Synopsis - Broadway musical

Jane is a young mistress of a farm in New England, whose business has not been going so well in a few years. The once great household is in decline now for the reason that 3 years in a row land gives a bad harvest. Young girl barely making ends meet. From the previous number of employees there is only a governess left – a faithful assistant to fight the troubles of life. However, a girl isn’t discouraged, she decides not to obey to evil rock, but to take the initiative in her hands. One morning the farmer went to the city to buy seeds. She hoped that she would be able to fertilize the soil without help, to sow the seeds, and then – using a tractor (which she would also conduct at her own), to gather the harvest.

But upon arrival in the city, a big surprise expected for the mistress of the farm. Her sister Abigail – beginning actress – returned. And not alone but with a whole troupe of young actors! Sister Abigail invited the actors to place their props directly in the barn, thus saving on the rental of a special rehearsal space in the city. A girl enthusiastically accepted the idea of a young man – a member of the troupe – as in this Broadway show Abigail was promised with main role.

However, an older sister, the owner of the farm, has apprehended this venture not with huge delight. She had to do hard work, and then there were the noisy young people with their performance nearby. But later she changed temper from bad mood to mercy, with only one condition – in between their rehearsals the actors should help her to plant, fertilize and harvest. Naturally, the troupe responded well to such proposal.

Although enthusiasm of fun acting company was huge, yet their skills in farming were far from ideal. Therefore, a farm was controlled not so easy in spite of the fact that it has received increased number of workers. The drama of the situation added the fact that a young man from a troupe fell in love with the mistress of a farm, who was engaged to another man.
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