Summer Stock review

Summer Stock review

Summer Stock Review - Broadway musical

A truly fun and enjoyable film, the main feature of which is inimitable Gene Kelly. His ability to deftly move on the stage, to dance fiery and furiously, and to act like he did, is a matter of envy. Many complain that the extra weight of the main actress was truly noticeable. Of course, it was – she was at drugs that time, people! While the rest of the girls from the farm troupe of wandering actors were dressed in elegant suits, gown of Judy Garland looked untidy, as if it was stuck in a sewing machine, and no one really bothered to complete it. But, you know, paying attention to such small items is pretty boring. The actress has done well with her role, despite the fact that her health was not in order. She danced easily and looked fresh (and this, incidentally, was very difficult for her, given that the woman was very exhausted during the filming).

Generally, Judy Garland and Gene Kelly was an amazing Hollywood couple. They made a musical film unique, sweet and tasty. Background looks rather a little weak (the field, a barn, a tractor), but the music part covers this deficiency with excess. And the song “Get Happy” not for nothing had become one of the well-known songs released on thousands of plates.

By the way, the film influenced the pop culture. So, Michael Jackson at the American Music Awards (1993) and the MTV Video Music Awards (1995) performed his famous song "Dangerous" in the style of this film. He and his backing dancers were dressed in the same costumes that the actors of the musical, and some excerpts from “Get Happy” he happily played on his concerts. Also, actress Katie Holmes paid tribute to Judy Garland, performing famous “Get Happy” on the television show “So You Think You Can Dance”. She was dressed in a similar outfit as the main character of the musical.

Sadly, the musical Summer Stock was the final one for Judy Garland, but it was good that an actress at least completed her career on uplifted note.
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