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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Subways Are for Sleeping 
  3. Girls Like Me 
  4. Station Rush 
  5. I'm Just Taking My Time 
  6. I Was a Shoo-In 
  7. Subway Directions 
  8. Ride Through the Night 
  9. Who Knows What Might Have Been? 
  10. Swing Your Projects 
  11. Strange Duet 
  12. I Said It and I'm Glad 
  13. Be a Santa
  14. Act 2
  15. Subway Incident 
  16. How Can Your Describe a Face? 
  17. I Just Can't Wait 
  18. Comes Once in a Lifetime 
  19. What Is This Feeling in the Air? 
  20. Subways Are for Sleeping (Finale) 
  21. Other Songs
  22. Getting Married 
  23. I'm Just Taking My Time 
  24. I'm Just Taking My Time (Reprise) (I Walk a Little Dog) 
  25. Hey, Charlie, Let's Talk 
  26. Life's Not That Simple 
  27. Man With a Plan 

Subways Are for Sleeping synopsis

Subways Are for Sleeping Synopsis - Broadway musical

On winter morning, on Manhattan’s streets began to appear neatly dressed homeless people. The only problem for them was the search for a place where they could sleep. Soon vagabonds joined Tom Bailey. At this time in Madame Magazine’s office boss demanded from reporter Angie to complete essay about the unusual appearance of homeless people sleeping in the subway. Journal investigation revealed that one bench in the park was a kind of office of Tom Bailey. A man was helping other homeless people, suggesting where they could earn some money or find accommodation. At lunchtime, Angie had to interview him. Among the human sea that appeared on the streets during rush hour, with a newspaper and a suitcase in his hands was Tom Bailey. Soon he took his bench and was ready to work. Among his clients was Charlie, who lived at the expense of meals of his school friends. Today he needed to rent a tuxedo. Angie came to the bench. The girl said that she needed to find a place to sleep. Tom gave her a lot of useful tips.

Charlie refused to take a friend's tuxedo as dinner was canceled. Shy Max asked his friend to go to Martha, who lived nearby, and invite her to a date. When a girl found that not the hotel manager was knocking at the door, she let Charlie inside. The man was struck by her beauty. Martha survived thanks to appointments for dinner in her room. The girl tried to conquer the New York’s show business. While sympathizing to the blonde, Charlie gave her his last 5 bucks, but Martha’s debt for the living was so much more. The man began to think, how to help the girl. At this time, Angie, Tom and a few others went down into the subway. Bailey told the journalist, how to behave in the carriage. Then he took her to a museum – it was possible to sleep in an empty sarcophagus there. Tom explained that there are no problems with food for him, since he has a steady job for $ 1 a day to walk out the dog. Previously, the man was a financier. One day Tom went bankrupt and got to prison. Soon, between the journalist and the homeless man emerged romantic feeling.

When Tom in the image of Santa Claus was collecting money from passers-by, incognito of Angie was suddenly opened by one friend. The journalist had to confess that she was looking for material for the newspaper. Left alone, Angie went to the subway. There she was noticed by Charlie – he saw a photo of a girl in the newspaper. Soon, the man learned that the journalist is going to go all the way in collecting material for her article. In the conversation, Angie casually mentioned that her edition has already announced a reward for information on her whereabouts. Charlie wanted to benefit from this information, but after learning about the love between Angie and Tom, refused to solve a problem this way. The man agreed with the blonde. Bailey forgave the journalist and began to look for her in the city. He soon found a girl in the subway. Suddenly, Tom learned that his stable work has ended – the dog was taken to the owners. Charlie told him to start selling hot drinks. Soon the improvised coffee maker was constructed. In the subway, there was Martha. Hotel’s manager forced blonde to leave the hotel room. Tom decided to end his voluntary homelessness – with Angie, he was going to write a book about homeless people in the city. A man left coffee machine and his stocks to Charlie & Martha.
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