Star Is Born, A synopsis

Star Is Born, A synopsis

Star Is Born, A Synopsis - Broadway musical

Esther, talented singer-beginner, was performing with her band in the Shrine Auditorium. Soon there came a drunken Norman – a movie star. The staff decided to keep the popular actor away from reporters, not to crash down his career. When the man realized this, he got angry and tried to escape from the building. As a result, Norman fell on the stage, where performed Esther. Realizing an awkward situation in which an actor happened, a girl took his hand. The audience thought it was part of the show and welcomed celebrity with applause. Thanking later Esther for salvation, Norman painted on the wall of a big heart and invited a new acquaintance to dine. Soon, the man realized that the girl had a beautiful voice. During the conversation with Esther, actor persuaded her to try herself at movie business. A girl was surprised that such a famous man had noticed her. Norman decided to arrange auditions for a miss and promised to call her tomorrow. Esther informed the band that all performances are canceled. Ensemble’s colleague tried to stop a singer, but she did not want to listen to anything.

Called early in the morning on the set this actor became ill and was unable to contact Esther – he forgot her phone number. When she realized that she would not receive a call, a girl decided to become an actress on her own. Singer settled in advertising on television. Recovered, Norman started vain searches for Esther. Several days after he suddenly overheard a familiar voice coming from the TV. Soon the actor was able to find out the address of the singer. When Norman asked Oliver to arrange an audition for a girl, the head of the studio considered it another fad of an actor. Yet he agreed to give Esther a small role. When the singer came to take her first fee for filming, it became clear that the studio changed her name to Vicki Lester. Norman persuaded Oliver to search another work for a girl. Heard a beautiful voice, Oliver immediately recognized the potential of the actress and gave her a big role in the musical film. Soon Esther and Norman were married. Career of a young woman went up the hill, and the career of her husband worsened – Norman started to drink toughly. Vicki Lester supported her husband when he went to facility to recover from alcoholism. The head of the studio offered the actor a job, trying to help his wife.

Soon Maine started a fight and was jailed for 90 days. But the wife was able to get him out of prison. When she brought Norman home, actor overheard conversation of Oliver & Vicki. The woman decided to abandon the filming career, to take care of her husband. The head of the studio reminded her – Maine himself ruined his career with alcohol. Oliver did not want this happened with the actress’ life. Only now impressed Norman realized how much misery he brought to other people. Saying to his wife that he is going to take a dip, a man swam in the ocean and committed a suicide.

After burying the husband, Vicki became a recluse. Only former band fellow was able to persuade a woman not to abandon her career. He recalled that it was Norman who noticed her talent. For the sake of her, a man died, and his sacrifice should not be in vain. When Vicki came to the studio, she saw on the wall a heart, drawn by an actor in the first day of their acquaintance. When the master of ceremonies announced that today will be the performance of the singer, she has risen and represented herself to the audience as Mrs. Norman Maine. The audience greeted her speech with applause.
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