Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark synopsis

Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark Synopsis - Broadway musical

During the lesson, Peter Parker began to make a report about the myth of Arachne. Being an excellent weaver, a woman challenged Athena herself. Arachne’s skill was high, but the victory went to the goddess. After the suicide of a Greek woman, Athena took pity on her, turning her into a spider. Arachne was now doomed to engage in weaving forever.

Peter liked his neighbor a lot, Mary. In the boys’ and girl’s lives were many problems. Mary suffered abuse from her father, and Peter – because of the attacks of bullies at school. As an orphan, he lived with his uncle & aunt. Soon, the class went on a trip to the lab where a scientist Mr. Osborn told the students about his researches. Suddenly the room was isolated, as there was escaped experimental spider. During the general panic dangerous creature bite Peter.

Back home, the young man found in his body unusual changes. Taking advantage of the new powers, Peter rebuffed hooligans. Seeing Mary drove up in a car, he decided to buy a car. The young man took part in the tournament in wrestling and won the grand prize of USD 1000. Returning home, he learned that criminals have shot his uncle. A boy was full of remorse – before that happened, Peter did not help the police to arrest this particular murderer – a young man has decided to stand up for the people’s protection. He was inspired by Arachne, prompting to obtain a costume of a spider. Soon the news of the appearance of Spider-Man filled the pages of newspapers. Peter was invited to work in one printed edition, as he showed to the editor the photos of the new fighter against crime.

Hearing the news of the appearance of Spider-Man, Mr. Osborn thought that someone has stolen his research’s results. Full of desire to speed up the mutation process, the scientist made the experiment on himself. There was a failure during the experiment. Because of that, he lost his wife and went mad, becoming a Green Goblin. When he awoke, the scientist thought of genetic modification of humanity. Creating his henchmen, Green Goblin went to the newspaper, where Peter worked. He insisted that they published his plan for the genetic modification of the world's population. Former scientist said that the appearance of Spider-Man is to his credit. By this time, Peter has defeated all henchmen of Osborn, and city residents praised the hero. The newspapers made a false conclusion that a Spider-Man was a supporter of the Green Goblin.

Soon, Peter and Mary confessed to each other in love. After that, the young man began to sway away from the fight against crime – the girl took all his thoughts. Arachne reminded Peter, that he should be a hero. Soon Green Goblin via television began to threaten to Spider-Man and his close people. The young man said Mary that he will always love her, and ended their relationship. After that, Spider-Man went to the Green Goblin. Seeing him on the building’s roof, the young man began to prepare for battle. Suddenly the scientist made it clear that he knew the real name of the hero. Peter tried to get through to the mind of Osborn, but his efforts were useless. Soon Goblin said that he has captivated Mary. A girl was over the abyss, being hanged down on the skyscraper. Defeating the enemy, Spider-Man saved his beloved. Mary understood who hid behind the mask of the hero. Embracing a girl, Peter left her as he heard the police siren below.
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