Spamalot review

Spamalot review

Spamalot Review - Broadway musical

Being originally an adaptation of the movie, the musical is completely different. Even though it is a parody on the classical legends about King Arthur, both the audience and the critics liked it. It is proved by the rewards, which has obtained the staging.

The first reward was received thanks to the director – Mike Nichols. He was a famous actor, producer and comedian. All these talents helped him to create a fantastically outstanding show. This man got used to work, combining various genres. And this very spectacle was not an exception. The features of comedy, musical and historic performance made it a unique and funny thing for the Broadway spectators. The viewers start laughing after the first scene, when England is confused with Finland. More than two million people watched the staging. The spectacle collected more than $170 million. These numbers are really striking for the production of such type.

The decoration design is on the highest level. The crew managed to recreate the necessary atmosphere of the old England. The lighting deserves special attention. Look, for example, how beautiful the scenes in the forest. A technical specialist should be extremely gifted to do such a great job. Pay attention to the acting. The musical is a parody, that’s why the performers need even more talent to attract the audience and transfer the emotions and feelings, meant by the plot. They also sing and dance wonderfully. Even the secondary dancers, who appear during the scenes with the Lady of the Lake, made their best. All the movements are smooth, and the dancers are carefully trained by the choreographer.

The costume design is magnificent. Mesmerizing suits create the medieval legendary times. Long flaring dresses of women and simple tight outfits of men look impressive. The production in generally is full of song-and-dance extravaganzas. There are plenty of jokes and unusual turns of the storyline. For those, who prefer classical things with no funny or extraordinary features, this performance might seem to be junk. But for people, who like something new, who are ready to laugh and see things from the other side, this musical, which has won three Tonies, will become worthwhile.
Last Update:July, 13th 2016

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