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King Arthur's Song lyrics

King Arthur's Song

Stand aside, Mrs. Galahad while the Lady of the Lake
and her Laker Girls welcome your son to my army.

He blows his whistle
The Laker Girls rush foward and pefrom a high-kicking Cheerleader routine for Arthur,
ripping offf their dressers to revel Cheerleader gear.

I am Arthur King of the Britions And we are seeking men who are able.
And so we're recruiting Dennis
To sit at our very, very, very, round table. Ready?

OK! K.I.N. G.A.R. T.H. U.R. Arthur
K.I.N. G.A.R. T.H. U.R. Arthur
Arthur King
Arthur King
The biggest and the coolest thing
Arthur: Who's the King?
Girls: U.R.
Arthur: Who's the King?
Girls: U.R.
A.R.T.H.U.R Arthur!
Girls: Who is next to enlist?
Patsy: Who is?
Both: Dennis
Girls/Patsy: The Lady of the Lake will make him a man
If she can't do it nobody can
Arthur/Patsy: Who will it be?
GALAHA ......................
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