South Pacific synopsis

South Pacific synopsis

South Pacific Synopsis - Broadway musical

On one islet located in the South Pacific, two kidz were on the terrace of the mansion. Their procreator, a wealthy planter Emile, admired greatly US Navy nurse Nellie. Full of life & optimism girl was subdued to enigmatic Frenchman – his romantic & passionate emotions won her heart. On the same islet was a group of restless sailors & marines. Young people suffered greatly because they lacked the attention of a female kind. Between Luther, who monopolized trade due to souvenir tax & Bloody Mary, a local supplier, there was a real war for the buyers. Young marine Lieutenant Cable arrived at the base in order to carry out a secret mission. He needed to get to a nearby islet & obtain information on Japanese ships. Lieutenant decided to involve in this task a person who knew the surrounding countryside. Cable asked plantation owner to accompany him.

At this time in search of female companionship, Luther decided to get on the mysterious islet Bali. The man tried to influence the young lieutenant & send him there. Cable has agreed to visit the islet with the expedition. Arriving at Bali, he was introduced to a daughter of Bloody Mary & fell in love with her. Nurse reflected on her attitude to Emile. A girl tried to be persistent, but after learning that the Frenchman loves her, she immediately replied with reciprocity. Soon planter introduced Nellie with two his children, born by a Polynesian girl. While the girl liked the kids, she was unable to overcome own provincial prejudices & ceased to meet with Emile. Nurse plunged into work with head – she was preparing a show for Thanksgiving Day.

Behind the scenes Bloody Mary & Liat came to Cable. Despite their entreaties to marry the girl, the lieutenant did not let his feelings go – he also was pinned down by prejudices. Watching this, a Frenchman was amazed that Americans voluntarily renounce love just for nothing. Soon Emile & Cable, suffering because of broken hearts, went on a secret mission. They managed to broadcast the necessary information, after which they were discovered by the Japanese. The lieutenant was killed & the connection with the Frenchman has been lost. Realizing that she could lose her love forever, Nellie began to reproach herself for the stupid prejudices & that she had not given her answer to the feelings of the plantation owner. The girl came to the house of a Frenchman & began to take care of his children. Soon they were joined by Emile – wounded & tired, but alive. Planter was happy that the beloved returned to him, abandoning her racial prejudices.
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