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Album lyrics:
  1. Dites-Moi
  2. A Cockeyed Optimist
  3. Twin Soliloquies 
  4. Twin Soliloquies
  5. Some Enchanted Evening
  6. Bloody Mary
  7. There Is Nothin' Like a Dame
  8. Bali Ha'i
  9. My Girl Back Home
  10. I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair
  11. Reprise: Some Enchanted Evening 
  12. Wonderful Guy
  13. Reprise: Bali Ha'i 
  14. Younger Than Springtime
  15. Reprise: A Wonderful Guy 
  16. This Is How It Feels 
  17. Finale Act I 
  18. Happy Talk
  19. Reprise: Younger than Springtime 
  20. Honey Bun
  21. You've Got To Be Carefully Taught
  22. This Nearly Was Mine
  23. Reprise: Some Enchanted Evening 
  24. Reprise: Honey Bun 
  25. Finale Ultimo

Rodgers and Hammerstein's South Pacific review

Rodgers and Hammerstein's South Pacific Review - Broadway musical

As with the original version of the 1955, Broadway’s modern staging practically was devoid of weaknesses. Great acting, balanced story, quality scenery and costumes – all this explains more than successful figures in the box office of the play. But most importantly, the creation carries a lot of useful and instructive issues in the story and dialogues. The problem of racism was observed at all times and it appeared very acute in modern society. There were people who blamed the musical in an open promotion of the above-mentioned phenomenon. Those were who either watched the show not completely or not at all watched it and were guided only by the stories of friends or amateur articles from the Internet. In fact, based on the example of the main characters, creators of the production show viewers all stupidity of racial prejudices. Nellie & Emile, Cable & Liat – these characters are faced with the problem of racism. The second pair was not able to be together. What's to blame? Lieutenant banally was afraid of thoughts and talking about him at home, if he would bring Polynesian girl there. As a result, he broke up with her all the relationships, losing a part of himself, and rushed into the thick of the war. As for the second pair, they were able to make the right conclusions and not to repeat the mistakes of the 1st couple. Although there was a moment when it seemed that everything was over. Mr. Hammerstein said many times that his main task as an author was to convey to the people the error of racist attitudes. According to him, the skin color should not alienate you from a person that you really aspire to. And this applies not only to love affairs but also to friendly, social and international relations.

7 Tony statuettes and more than 20 other awards once again confirm the thoroughness of each of the element of this staging. In the cast were gathered a lot of talented artists, including the brightly shining star of Kelli O'Hara (she depicted Nellie). The audience had a unique opportunity to observe the multi-faceted reincarnation of her character. Initially, on the scene appears naive nurse wanting to love and to be loved. Then she gradually evolves and begins to experience negative emotions in relation to the local population. And the final incarnation of Nellie, whereby she begins to appreciate every moment of her life and refuses to have any prejudice against people of other races. Everything looks so believable that it is wanted again and again to watch the game of this actress, and each time reward her with loud applauses. P. Szot, M. Morrison & L. A. Sayre also remarkably coped with their roles, but their characters did not have had such freedom, as was observed in the case of Nellie.

Music, costumes and stage design – that's what really adorns in the considered musical. For the three above-mentioned items, it also received several awards, including Tony. Most of the songs are of lyrical and romantic character. Only their hue changes: in some episodes it is characterized by positive notes, and in others – by dramatic. With regard to the background music, there dominate the Bali island motifs. Costumes can be divided into two types: uniform of American soldiers and ethnic clothing of Pacific Islanders. Last was sewed by original Balinese craftsmen, which significantly increases their value and the similarity with the original outfits of those times.

We have here one of the most multi-faceted projects of the 21st century, each element of which is on its place. In addition to the cultural component, the theatrical has a great social value. On simple examples of life, it shows how much can be lost if a person holds for ideas of racism. But throwing them away, everyone will lose absolutely nothing, only gain instead.
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