Rock Of Ages review

Rock Of Ages review

Rock Of Ages Review - Broadway musical

It would be, of course, nice to get familiar with the plot of the musical before heading to watch, but it's not the only way. Hearing the name ‘Rock of Ages’, anyone would have guessed that the rock and brutal men there would be more than in melodramatic stories. However, many people would chase for a sob stories of love, but it was not quite there. Hair, long hair, much long beautiful hair. Did we mention that it was man's long hair?! Yes, shiny hair of men – that's what captivates from the first minute. When the initial shock receded a little, the attention was drawn to music. Actually, if you are not a fan of rock music and your tastes are absolutely other, you would understand that if a person loves love stories, loves more drama, he or she unlikely listens to metal. But, having listened to it, may occur a feeling that you should have paid more attention to this style. It is a deep, varied and enjoyable to the ear. Sounded from the stage music was possible to compare with the work of Jon Bon Jovi or Pat Benatar (with whose creativity you would certainly meet already in this staging).

Solo guitar, beautiful leather jackets of musicians, and hairstyles in the spirit of the 80 – well, you may be smitten. Besides, how could you remain indifferent to the story of a young man who dreams of becoming a famous musician, and to be closer to the hang-out, and who agrees to work as the waiter at the bar?! Certainly, it captivates.

The image of Sherrie seemed comical, who in despair rushes into the arms of the first rocker. One unfortunate date – and she is already torn to pieces. A bit weak for the person who came from the province to conquer the show business, huh?

But the public certainly would love what happens on the stage. Nearby might sit rockers, dressed from head to toes in the skin, as well as ordinary people, but they all shook their heads along with powerful music and lit own lighters under incredibly melodic semi-ballads.

We aren’t sure whether ‘Rock of Ages’ will be a memorable musical, which will win the sincere sympathy of the audience for many years, but if you are from generation of 80’s, you should definitely visit it to enjoy self.
Last Update:July, 12th 2016

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