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  19. Coda (Finale) 

Blue Crystal lyrics

Blue Crystal

Was it three days?
Only three days?
That's amazing.
All that way in three days?
That's amazing.

I only went because of you.
I went to buy you something beautiful.
It was a long exhausting trip,
but I figured you were worth it.
Stil, only three days, that's perfectly amazing.

I went to the moon and back.
And you know what they've got up there?
blue crystal.

I met a man on the moon,
who sit's around all day,
and he shapes,
blue crystal.

He's got a furnace and a blower,
and a mallet and a chisel,
and he shapes,
blue crystal.

So I said, "I want a present, for a very special lady that you can't find in a store"
So he sold me eight goblets,
and there aren't any more in the whole wide world.

Yes I've been to the moon,
and I brought you back,
Blue Crystal

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