Rink, The synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Colored Lights
  3. Chief Cook and Bottle Washer Chief Cook and Bottle Washer Video
  4. Don't "Ah Ma" Me Don't "Ah Ma" Me Video
  5. Blue Crystal
  6. Under the Roller Coaster 
  7. Not Enough Magic 
  8. We Can Make It
  9. After All These Years After All These Years Video
  10. Angel's Rink and Social Centre Angel's Rink and Social Centre Video
  11. What Happened to the Old Days? What Happened to the Old Days? Video
  12. Act 2
  13. The Apple Doesn't Fall The Apple Doesn't Fall Video
  14. Marry Me
  15. Mrs. A. 
  16. The Rink 
  17. Wallflower Wallflower Video
  18. All the Children in a Row 
  19. Coda (Finale) 

Rink, The synopsis

Rink, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

End of 1970-ies. Angel Antonelli was at the bus stop. She wanted to get back home as soon as possible – to the world of her childhood. At this time, in the old roller rink came 6 construction workers. They had to start dismantling job of the building that was sold by Anna Antonelli. The woman was about to depart shortly in the Italian capital. Suddenly, near the house appeared her daughter, Angel, who was absent for 15 years. Seeing that the young woman turned into a hippie, mother expressed her extreme disapproval. Grievances again arose between Anna and Angel.

Suddenly we are back in 50-ies, and in the house, there was a young husband and father, Dino. He bought a rare blue Venetian crystal. Again, the 70-ies went back. One of the workers wanted to buy a glass of blue crystal. Angel began to oppose it – she did not understand what was happening. Why the rink has become so dilapidated, what happened to her beloved mirror ball? Again, there was the past. At her 5th birthday, Angel received a gift from her father. Dino brought to the daughter a mirror ball, and decided to celebrate a holiday with his friends. But because of his drunken vagaries, they left soon. Anna left to calm her husband alone.

Again, time ran forward. Angel learned that her mother sold the roller rink. Young woman rushed into the apartment, located at the top. She brought papers, from which it became clear that Anna had forged the signature of her husband to sale a rink. Angel demanded from the workers to stop the dismantling of the building because her lawyer would terminate such a deal. Anna tried to explain to her daughter that everything has changed. They sold the whole amusement park, as it was dangerous to be there due to the young punks who committed robberies in the area. Despite the fact that Angel was shocked to learn of the attacks on her mother, she decided not to retreat from the dream to revive the roller rink.

After smoking a cigarette, the women came closer together. Angel began to find out with whom her mother was going to fly to Rome. They remembered Lenny – a young man who loved Anna since high school, as well as her marriage and departing in Antonelli’s family. Soon they came to the memory of how Dino left his wife and daughter. Anna said the girl that her father died, and since that time, the mother had to maintain this lies constantly. Memories became too painful for women, and they decided to be alone. Angel went to the ocean, while Anna began to pack for the trip.

When everyone returned, the woman again plunged into memories. When Angel was finishing school, her mother gave her advice on how to behave with the boys at the prom. That same night, a girl learned from a drunken relative, that her father abandoned her and Anna. Humbled Angel packed up and left the house. She became a hippie. Her mother was sad about the daughter’s story of this period of her life. Suddenly the door opened and a young girl came into the room. This was Angel's daughter. A young woman named her in honor of her mother. Anna asked for forgiveness. Mother and daughter barely uttered the words of love. Forgiving each other, they were able to abandon the past, to start a new life all together.
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