You and I lyrics - Pretty Woman

You and I lyrics

You and I

Darling, you look beautiful tonight
I can't remember ever seeing anything so right
In the magic of the moment
There's no place I'd rather be
I see the wonder of the world through your eyes
To have you here beside me makes me realize
Everything is different
Everything has changed inside of me
You and I, we've got something going on
You and I, how could this be wrong?
Who'd believe that we could catch the wind before it's gone?
Only you and I

Sarò là, tra quei fior
Presso a te sempre
Sempre, sempre presso a te!
Amami, Alfredo
Quant'io t'amo!
Addio, Alfredo
Quant'io t'amo!
Quant'io t'amo!

Another way you feel when you're near
If I could be anywhere
I'd want to be right here
It's never met an end
I could spend forever in your arms
Oh, you and I, much to my surprise
You and I, it was right before my eyes
I would give almost anything - the stars, the moon, and the sky
All for you and I

I wasn't waiting for a miracle
I just wanted somewhere to belong
It's amazing what could happen
When you're makin' all good plans
But how was I to know
You were right here all along?

Darling, you look beautiful tonight
I can't remember ever seeing anything so right

Like a vision in the darkness
A sight for lonely eyes to see
You and I

I always want to feel this way

You and I

On any other day
I might have missed the moment,
Now I just want to stay
Together, you and I
Forever, you and I

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