Play On! synopsis

Play On! synopsis

Play On! Synopsis - Broadway musical

A girl named Vy arrives in the Harlem, to start a career as a songwriter, not as performer. Her dream is to work with the great Duke – the leader of the popular band. But soon she learns from her uncle Jester, who tap dances in the Cotton Club, about the sexist attitude in Harlem: no one will ever take seriously a woman-songwriter. But the strong in spirit girl refuses to accept reality and to admit defeat without even trying. If it is necessary to look like a man to enter into the world of creativity, she is ready for the decisive step – to change appearance, wear men's clothes and to look like the stronger gender. So in such a way, in the world of show business appears Vy-man.

Dressed in a man's suit with stripes, Vy-man rushes to a meeting with Duke. She finds him in the penthouse, grieving and shedding tears. Musician longs for his lost love in the person of Lady Liv – the queen of the blues in Harlem. Vy with her music made a lasting impression on the musician, and he soulfully asks her to go to the Cotton Club to play her new song for Lady Liv. In such a way, he wants to bring back the heart of his beloved, and to say about his feelings.

In the club, Vy-man meets a favor of a talented singer. Musician immediately liked by Lady Liv, though she noted that the appearance and behavior of the talented pianist is very different from men's manner to look and to behave.

At the same time, all the staff, dancers and musicians of the club are unhappy with the control of self-assured manager. This man almost never smiles and has earned the reputation of the most serious man in Harlem. He also has feelings for diva, and, to play a trick on him, club members convince him that the only remedy for conquering a heart of unapproachable lady is to learn the skills of swing dance and to abandon his strict ballads.

Over time, the game of disguises turns into suffering and pain, and only when the truth was revealed, the lovers were able to re-connect, and a woman-writer was accepted by society.
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