And the Gods Heard Her Prayer lyrics - Once On This Island

And the Gods Heard Her Prayer lyrics

And the Gods Heard Her Prayer

And the gods heard her prayer.

[ASAKA (Spoken)]
The peasant girl wants a grand homme to carry
carry her away!
I should...
Find a tree all covered with mangos
Juicy mangos, fat and well-fed
Pick a mango

A juicy mango

A lovely mango

A poison mango

Drop the mango...


And knock some sense in her head!

Knock some sense in her head!

Splash her with a wave!

Scare her half to death!

Give her what she wants?

Give her what she...?

give her what she wants

Love has many powers
If the love is true

It can cross the earth [To Asaka]
And withstand the storm [To Agwe]
It can conquer even you [To Papa Ge]

[PAPA GE (Spoken)]
Hah! Love conquer death? Why, I could stop
her heart like that!

[ERZULIE (Spoken)]
Stop her heart from beating, yes. But not
from loving. Not if love is what she chooses.



More amusing than mangos!

A journey!

I will give her strength
When the time is right

I will guide her way

I will make her choose!

And I'll provide the place
Where two different worlds
will meet Tonight.

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