Once On This Island synopsis

Once On This Island Synopsis - Broadway musical

Big gale made tiny maiden of the islet afraid. Fablers’ve decided to sedate a girl & told narration about a farmer female child Ti that loved Creole landlord of the islet. Their land was ruled by four deities, responsible for land, water, love & death. They were accordingly Asaka, Agwe, Erzulie & Papa Ge. Nephrite-colored farmers was working on Creoles – noblepersons of the islet. Latter ones lived in another part of the islet. Once upon a time flood of Agwe destroyed many farming villages. But it did not touch Ti. The gods have placed the girl on a tree, where she has been found by the peasants after the storm. Two of them, a family, adopted a girl. Years passed & Ti has grown up. She prayed to deities to indicate true path for her & give the possibility to become similar to rich people who passed through their village. Deities laughed at Ti, but one of them decided to reward her with love gift. Deity believed that this was the most magnificent force in the whole world. The deity of death began to argue. All deities made a bet to find out what power is the more forceful.

One deity arranged the road accident with one of landlords Daniel. A peasant girl saw a wounded young man & became a nurse for him, although all her family wasn’t sharing the enthusiasm of her. Taking care of an unconscious Daniel, she felt strong attraction to him. She decided that the young man began to feel the same feelings to his savior. When a demon of decay came after the young man, Ti rose to the defense. She would have exchanged her life for his and thus gave her soul in his paws just to leave Daniel alive. Demon got grumpy. He left, saying that the girl’s soul now is his. One of the villagers went to another part of the islet to Daniel’s family. Upon returning, he told to villagers the tale of Daniel’s kind.

Four generations ago, the island has been colonized by Frenchman Armand. Despite he had wife, a man started a relationships with the local women. One woman born a boy. He was named Beauxhomme. When war started between the farmers & plantation owners, a young man helped the locals to win. Swimming away, Armand cursed son & his future children. Now, none of them should ever know peace.

Soon Daniel was taken to the inn. Ti said to parents – she would go to her beloved to become his wife. Nobody was able to talk her not to do it. Overcoming great difficulties, Ti got to the inn, where was Daniel. The boy didn’t recognize own savior, because he had not regained consciousness in the presence of her. But when the girl told him about a scar on his chest, a young man believed her. Goddess of love presented them her love gift. Daniel saw how different was Ti, like no other girl, with whom he met before. At a dancing ball in the hotel, one envy person decided to disgrace Ti, but her dance caused warm admiration of all others.

It soon became clear – Daniel had a bride. The young man said that it was his duty to the family. But he was willing to meet with Ti, even being married. Her heart was broken. Papa Ge appeared before her. Demon recalled her that she can take her soul back. But then she must kill Daniel. She could not do it. Seeing her with a knife, the boy ordered to expel Ti from the hotel. Peasant met Daniel already after his marriage. Seeing the boy, Ti went with Erzulie into the ocean, where her life without suffering was finished by Agwe. Receiving the girl, Papa Ge brought her back to the shore. Asaka, Mother Earth, turned Ti into a tree. Once under its crown met the son of Daniel & the other peasant girl. Storytellers have finished the story that love has become stronger than death. The girl began again to remember the legend of Ti.
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