Oliver synopsis

Oliver synopsis

Oliver Synopsis - Broadway musical

When living in a workhouse, orphan Oliver dared to ask for addition of food, wardens said that he should gather his belongings and to get out. Mr. Bumble and Widow Corney sold the boy to local mortician. Oliver spent the night in the basement. In the morning, an assistant of mortician insulted boy's dead mother and has paid for his words – Oliver began to beat a hell out of him. Undertaker, his wife and the maid tried to catch the boy, but he managed to escape from them. A week later, wandering the streets of London, Oliver met with the Artful Dodger. They were of the same age. Dodger asked the boy to go with him into the lair of Fagin. He, old criminal, taught children how to steal, because he could not do it himself due to old age. The unsuspecting Oliver went along with Dodger. He thought that these children made handkerchiefs.

Oliver met Nancy in the morning – adult gang member. She was a mistress of burglar Bill. When he bowed politely to her, the other children laughed at him. Soon Nancy left. Oliver went to the boys, who went on to work. Dodger and Charley robbed old Mr. Brownlow. Seeing this, the boy froze in horror. His new friends have escaped but Oliver was arrested, accused in robbing of a rich old man. From the court, the boy was saved by the testimony of a witness who saw how it all happened. Dodger ran to Fagin. He told him that Oliver was arrested and now the boy is in the house of Mr. Brownlow. Criminals were afraid – they thought that a child could tell of their lair. Fagin and Bill decided to steal the boy outta there. They forced Nancy to take part in it.

Mr. Brownlow asked Oliver to carry books to the library. Outside, the boy did not notice that he was approached by Nancy & Bill. Criminals captured Oliver and dragged him back into the den. His attempt to escape failed. Nancy repented of her behavior, but Bill did not see anything wrong – that was their life. Fagin thought that he could stop criminal living and become an honest worker. But, finding a lot of arguments against it, the old man decided to remain the leader of the gang. Wardens met old Sally. The dying beggar gave them her gold medallion, which she stole from Agnes, Oliver’s mother, who died during childbirth. Realizing that the boy may have rich relatives, wardens began to search for him. They visited Mr. Brownlow, who was looking missing child through a newspaper. Old man realized promptly that these people didn’t care about the boy. He took the medallion and chased them away. Opening the decoration, Mr. Brownlow saw inside of a portrait of his daughter. Oliver was his grandson.

Soon to Mr. Brownlow came Nancy. She said that the boy was kidnapped. The woman promised to get the child to the London’s Bridge. When Nancy was taking Oliver, Bill suspected something and followed her. On the bridge, he scored a woman to death. Criminal took fainted Oliver with him. Arriving at the venue, Mr. Brownlow saw the body of the murdered Nancy. A large crowd gathered soon. People noticed the labeled dog of Bill, who was looking for the owner. Following her, they came to the lair of Fagin. The old man managed to escape together with his assistants. People have returned to the bridge. Suddenly there appeared Bill – he threatened to kill the child. The two policemen managed to save Oliver – they shot the offender’s dead. The boy was reunited with Mr. Brownlow. At this time, pursued Fagin has decided to begin an honest life.
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