Oliver review

Oliver review

Oliver Review - Broadway musical

The musical is based on the famous novel by C. Dickens. Creator had softened the situation prevailing in this production. According to critics, an important role was played by great songs by Lionel Bart. The novel by the English writer has often been called anti-Semitic, as the old thief Fagin was a Jew. In the show, he was depicted more as comic character than violent criminal. Because L. Bart himself was a Jew, he was able to avoid serious charges of anti-Semitism. Also in the play, the actors of this nationality were involved. When Lionel Bart experienced serious financial difficulties, he sold for 350 pounds all his rights to this spectacular and future versions of the play. Later M. Bygraves resold the rights for 250 000 pounds.

Actors involved in various productions, spoke many languages, including Czech, Dutch, Estonian and Swedish. The song about the food that would be willing to try by orphans of workhouse was changed depending on the country of the staging. Initially, there were mentioned cold jelly & custard. In the Finnish play sung of fresh fish, in Hungarian – – of chestnuts puree & goulash. In the Polish version, it is sung about a huge cake & pork chops, in the Swedish – about meat pudding, in Japanese – about pork ham. Production of 1994 that went to the London Palladium stage, for 3 years attracted about 40 million pounds.

In 1968, the same-named film was shot based on the musical, directed by C. Reed. In 2013, it was planned to create a new version of the picture. In the London production of 2009, took part comedian Rowan Atkinson, best known for playing Mr. Bean. He played the old thief Fagin. The audience appreciated the actor's skill and greeted him with standing ovations. Production in 2015 that went in the Round House Theatre, raised critics’ concerns. They considered it their duty to warn parents about violent scenes, which met in the play.
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