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Lookin' for Food lyrics

Lookin' for Food

I chew lettuce in the set.
But the moment I set on the door.
Anything I can get my claws on

I spent a lifetime looking so thin.
Salad bars with no fat dressing were really in.
Playing the diet game hoping to win.
Hiding the candy and lying again.

Now I'm packing up pounds where I didn't have spaces.
Looking for food in too many places.
Stacking the shelves, buying by cases of food I dream about.
Sucking my gut to zip by blue jeans.
Elastic waist you know what I mean.
Looking for food.
Looking for food.

Now when I'm starving when no fries in sight.
A quarter of rocky road will get me through the night.

Don't know when it started and when it might end.
I turned to milk shake and call it my first.

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