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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Dream Babies 
  3. Light Sings 
  4. This World This World Video
  5. Numbers  Numbers  Video
  6. What Happens to Life 
  7. Take Hold the Crutch Take Hold the Crutch Video
  8. Flying Milk and Runaway Plates 
  9. I Love What the Girls Have 
  10. How I Feel
  11. If I Had A Million Dollars If I Had A Million Dollars Video
  12. Act 2
  13. Fugue for Four Girls 
  14. Rejoice  
  15. Sounds Sounds Video
  16. The Tree
  17. Robert, Alvin, Wendell and Jo Jo Robert, Alvin, Wendell and Jo Jo Video
  18. Jail-Life Walk 
  19. Something Beautiful 
  20. Black 
  21. War Babies 
  22. Let Me Come In Let Me Come In Video

Me Nobody Knows, The review

Me Nobody Knows, The Review - Broadway musical

Production has received praise by simple spectators and critics. Clive Barnes in an article for The New York Times stated that this musical was one of the most penetrating and exciting in the story. A similar idea was expressed by the publication in New Yorker, noted the fact that the play openly demonstrated the problems of modern society, and called people to unite. But columnist of New York Magazine in its text had a greater emphasis on the analysis of the entertaining part. It says that the rock-compositions by G. W. Friedman very good convey the atmosphere of the urban ghetto, as well as emphasize the emotions of children who live there. The creation received Obie Award as the Best Musical. In the same year, the play claimed on five nominations of Tony and Drama Desk but didn’t win any.

Very rarely social projects staged on Broadway. Cultural value of considered musical is great, because it contains a wonderful directing and a great music score. But its main message is to draw viewers' attention to a number of social problems. In particular, on the low level of life of children from the ghettos. Production does not contain vivid story. Stage shows real-life stories of schoolchildren and their interrelations. Some of them are comedic in nature, others – dramatic. From time to time, R. H. Livingston interrupts the show to demonstrate the social ads, such as, How I Feel by Donna Summer. Last calls citizens to help the island state Haiti affected by a strong earthquake.

G. W. Friedman has created quite unconventional and somewhat even ground-breaking music. Energetic compositions such as This World and Take Hold the Crutch dominate. They executed by a large number of artists. Vocal quality and choreographic component lose much, but do not forget that 90% of the cast are amateurs. Some of them for the first time came out on the scene. Troupes sing and dance to the best of their ability, but absolutely every its representative gives out incredibly strong energy. Apart from the main songs, the composer created a beautiful background that blends harmoniously with the monologues of the main characters. It usually is quiet melody played on the piano.

We need to thank to S. M. Joseph, who spent a lot of time in order to attract students to the cultural work. He gave a chance to everyone to participate. The kids received a real opportunity to tell about their problems to the entire country. The teacher did not have any filters in the selection of children's works when he used them. They arrived to the listeners and beholders in their original form. This project must open the eyes of the public to a number of acute problems. To solve them, everyone can participate by uniting and acting as one. No one should remain aside.
Last Update:May, 16th 2016

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