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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Dream Babies 
  3. Light Sings 
  4. This World This World Video
  5. Numbers  Numbers  Video
  6. What Happens to Life 
  7. Take Hold the Crutch Take Hold the Crutch Video
  8. Flying Milk and Runaway Plates 
  9. I Love What the Girls Have 
  10. How I Feel
  11. If I Had A Million Dollars If I Had A Million Dollars Video
  12. Act 2
  13. Fugue for Four Girls 
  14. Rejoice  
  15. Sounds Sounds Video
  16. The Tree
  17. Robert, Alvin, Wendell and Jo Jo Robert, Alvin, Wendell and Jo Jo Video
  18. Jail-Life Walk 
  19. Something Beautiful 
  20. Black 
  21. War Babies 
  22. Let Me Come In Let Me Come In Video

Me Nobody Knows, The synopsis

Me Nobody Knows, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

In this musical, it is hard to find a distinctive plot. It is a theatrical adaptation of the writings and letters of nearly 200 high school students from New York at the age between 7 to 18 years. All these works were collected by a single person – the teacher Stephen M. Joseph. He created a whole collection of them that received the title Children's Voices From The Ghetto. Mr. Joseph said that written on paper conveys all the feelings and experiences of children. According to the teacher, texts were created in the style ‘to keep’ and ‘like it is’, which means that they are fair and without veil talk about certain things. In parallel with the miserable cynical situation and materialistic view on the world innovative ideas begin to slip, and with them – hope. The history of each individual child is unique. Production consists of poetry and presented in monologues, songs and a final review. Letters are not similar to each other. Some reveal explicit drama, others are characterized by a comic element. In order to make the most realistic show of samples of works of students, they were intertwined with a variety of musical genres. Children's letters are reflected in rock music, classical fugue, rap and, of course, jazz.

Most critics were impressed by the vitality, passion, integrity and observation shown by young writers. According to them, texts collected by Mr. Joseph, perfectly convey a touching but sometimes ugly picture of the inner life of the city. Before us is a unified creation, which immediately affects and provides certain life experiences.
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