Memphis synopsis

Memphis synopsis

Memphis Synopsis - Broadway musical

1950. In underground rock'n'roll bar for black persons is a fest. Hearing the sounds of tunes, a white guy Huey came inside. He asked visitors to stay and not to be afraid of his arrival. He liked their music very much. Huey’s boss wanted to fire him, but he agreed with the boss of department of own store that if he could sell 5 records playing them aloud, he will be transferred into sales dept. The man picked up a rock&roll tunes. He managed to sell 29 pieces in 5 minutes, but still was fired – the owner did not like that kind of sounding. Huey began to flirt with Felicia canary – the sister of Delray, promising that she will be able to get on the radio.

Soon he has been hired as a DJ at a local radio station. He played on-air African-American tune. A boss almost fired him, but calls from teens who wanted to listen to this kind of music further, stopped a boss. He gave Huey probation. The latter had a problem with beer advertising, since he could not read. He asked for help from the janitor Bobby – friend of Delray. Huey began to improvise because the text was forgotten. He finished the advertising with phrase "Hockadoo!". Again almost fired DJ was saved by a call from manager. He wanted his products were always promoted by this person. Broadcast with Huey began to experience great popularity.

Delray managed to preserve some money & to make a record of his sister’s singing. She came to DJ to tell him about it. Overjoyed, the man promised to put her tune on-air, but the mother of DJ on purpose broke the plate with her voice. DJ and a girl agreed to arrive at the studio and to bring the band of backup singers, so the girl was able to sing live. Performance of Felicia became a sensation. Between the girl & DJ, love arose, & that Delray did not like. Thanks to Huey’s music, teenagers of all kinds began to understand each other better.

Two years later, on the way to Delray's bar DJ made a singer an offer. Felicia only refused him because against them were laws of humans. Kiss of beloved saw a group of racists. They grabbed Huey & beat Felicia with the bat. DJ carried a girl to the bar, where he asked for help. Delray wanted to attack the Huey, accusing him of what had happened, but the man stopped the friend. The girl was taken away by ambulance.

Time passed. Huey began preparation of TV rock'n'roll show with black dancers. His first guest was to be Felicia. But the singer refused to do it – she did not want others knew about their feelings. Huey asked Bobby to replace the girl in the air, to which he agreed to with excitement. Felicia’s popularity has gone beyond the city limits. The singer was revealed by the New York’s talents agency. She suggested Huey to leave Memphis. He was also invited to the show, but the DJ had to struggle for this place. The man seemed to leave it all be as it was. He was ordered to remove the show of black dancers. The man did not agree with this claim. Felicia decided to go to the broadcast, as this was her dream. The show was cut off the air, & Huey was fired. Delray took his sister in an attempt to save her career. Becoming unemployed, Huey left the station.

4 years have passed. The man works as a DJ at a small radio station. Felicia came to him. A woman asked a friend to sing with her on the same stage. Huey refused, thinking that no one remembers him. Yet he went on stage with the singer. Many people remember him & his "Hockadoo!".
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