Memphis review

Memphis review

Memphis Review - Broadway musical

This work tells the story of bringing people with different skin colors together through music and dance. In 50-ies of XX century in America there was severe racial discrimination. Those people, whose skin was black, were considered second-class population. They did not have such rights and opportunities, which provided to most of the whites. It was not surprising that the black population began to open their own places, where they could feel relatively safe. That's why the arrival of Huey Calhoun in Delray's bar all perceived as an invasion. But then the permanent visitors appreciated the trust of white men to their music. Due to the sensitive nature, DJ was able to understand that in these rhythms is the future of the country. The man went through a lot of stress in order to make not only black people could listen to this fiery music. As a result, he began to put the records of his friends on the radio. The reaction of the audience showed that this music resonates in the souls, regardless of a person's skin color and opinion of his bosses.

Rock and roll music became popular all over the world – their rapid rhythm sounded in almost every country. The path of this music to the audience was very arduous, but eventually it found a huge number of followers among people of different ages, nationalities and races. Fiery music perfectly embodied the spirit. Magnificent dance numbers were created by choreographer S. Trujillo. The stage production involved a large number of actors. Their characters were first witnesses of outcome of rock'n'roll music from underground bars to the bright light. The musical also shows the brutality that existed in relation to the color population of the country. The attack on the black girl because she kissed a white man, now seems wild and abnormal. But it took another 60 years to deal with racial segregation. Even now there are lots of racists live on Earth and even among blacks, which supposed to be strange. The main goal of this play is to delete completely this from the consciousness of the world's population.

Hot rhythms of this production show that these wonderful tunes can change the world and people's attitudes to each other. The play is filled with cheerful melodies and colorful dance numbers. The final song makes an indelible impression on the viewer. Rock'n'roll remain a lively response of many people to others. This music will always unite people on the planet, especially after Elvis popularized rock’n’roll greatly.
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