Meet Me In St. Louis synopsis

Meet Me In St. Louis Synopsis - Broadway musical

The musical tells the story of a happy Smith family, who lives in St. Louis. Life seems perfect. Everyone is engaged doing own business. One day is like another, filled with its joys and sorrows. Action takes place in 1903. Three daughters, a son and a very peculiar grandfather used to a stable and comfortable life, not wanting to change anything in it. Occasionally, this sturdy and happy world is destroyed. Suddenly it turns out that the family must urgently change the place of their residence. Now they will be forced to live in New York, as the father of a family was raised on the service.

Tootie is busy playing with her dolls, Agnes is trying to master stilts. Passion of Esther is tennis. Esther is experiencing a youth love to a neighbor boy and very upset that this obnoxious John does not want to pay attention to her.

The head of the family arrives. He has a very bad mood, the cause of which is a lost case. Ignoring his father, the younger children begin to brawl because of the doll and a mother tries to entertain inconsolable Esther, telling her how she met with Mr. Smith.

Suddenly the father announces the news that the whole family should move to New York in connection with his work. The family is very upset, especially girls, Rose & Esther. All their romantic plans, friends and interesting study crush down. And they will miss the World's Fair which is going to be held in St. Louis! Everyone is upset, even the servants, because now it is necessary to exchange a luxurious kitchen to tiny one.

At the Christmas Ball, Esther is forced to dance with unattractive gentlemen because her beloved John was unable to get his coat from the tailor. Eventually in the last minute, the gown is ready, and John has the time to accompany Esther at the ball. Lovers decide that they need to wait with the marriage, because they are yet very young.

Mr. Smith leaves the family alone, so that they could gather and pack their stuff. Since all upset, he's trying to reassure his wife, son and daughters. Suddenly he realizes that only in his native St. Louis they will be truly happy. Now he does not want to hear about moving in New York. Family is in full delight from the fact that no unpleasant changes in their lives expected. Warren says he loves Rose and intends to marry her. The play ends with magnificent views of the exhibition of 1904. Smith Family is enjoying the show… To everyone's delight, family remains in St. Louis.
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