Meet Me In St. Louis review

Meet Me In St. Louis Review - Broadway musical

According to R. Schickel (observer), all the songs were chosen extremely well. In his opinion, it was one of the most successful American musicals of all times. He believed that such positive performances especially in demand at a time when people want to be distracted from issues such as an increase in crime, AIDS, war hostility and so on.

Here are the most common reviews about the play: ‘Lovely, great story! Successfully delivered retro-play about a typical American family of the early twentieth century. Performance is airy and simple. There is no plot, which would keep the audience in constant tension. Thoughts of heroines are only about clothes, secular meetings and upcoming fair. And about the neighbor (‘He's so cute!’). This performance is for those who want to relax and to watch a sweet family comedy after a busy day.’

‘Great show! This is an image about the nature of American society. Songs from here are on everyone's lips. If we add to this excellent acting – it becomes clear why this play appeals to many. Especially comfortably to watch the record in the Christmas holidays, which are designed for family vacancies. After the play, a fun and positive mood remains. Actually, this exactly is wanted by creators. Bright rich colors, beautiful songs and a good selection of actors did play almost classic piece. This is fantastically cheerful thing. All the feelings and emotions transmitted to viewers by means of songs and dances. The main character of the play – a father, a family man who is ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of peace and happiness of his beloved ones. The performance is very "American" and is sure to impress those for whom family comes first’.

‘This is true Christmas musical, which is best viewed during the winter. It is gratifying to distract from all the problems and to watch the life story of an American friendly family, which does not have any problems. From the first minutes, it captivates like a good and kind fairy tale. Beautiful costumes perfectly elaborate the atmosphere of the last century. We can only envy to those who was able to watch this production "alive" on Broadway.’

‘Many of fifteen musical numbers can be considered a true classic. Reminiscent of Christmas concerts of old times, when they showed the selections of the best tapes. For lovers of such – it is a real finding. There are several reasons to see this piece. Firstly, it has excellent dance numbers. Secondly, it is interesting to see the picture of the atmosphere of American society in the early twentieth century. This simple and good romantic story is able to bring a smile and to create a good mood.’
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