Matilda synopsis

Matilda synopsis

Matilda Synopsis - Broadway musical

The story starts with the chorus. We see a pregnant woman comes to the hospital and gives birth to a girl. She calls her Matilda. The baby appears to be very beautiful, and the doctor considers her to be the prettiest one, he's ever seen. However, the mother is not interesting in her and only thinks about the dancing competition, while the father has hoped for a son, so he is disappointed and thinks the girl is ugly.

Then a viewer is transferred to present moment. Five years have passed since the birth of Matilda. She lives with the parents and a brother. And she's unhappy. The whole family abuses her. The girl likes reading very much. When she finds out that her father wants to do an unfair deal with some man, she says that it isn't fair and goes to her room to read. In a book, she finds a funny idea. Matilda decides to add hydrogen peroxide to the hair tonic, which her father uses. As a result, he has green hair. Matilda comes to the library and starts the story of a couple of acrobats, who want to have baby. They cannot do it and agree to perform a dangerous act. The girl promises to continue her story next time. Then Matilda goes to school. On the first day, her teacher notices her smartness and abilities & asks the principle to move her to the next class. Nevertheless, the headmistress hates children and rejects the suggestion. After coming home, Matilda meets her father, who is very angry that his deal hasn’t worked. It makes him destroys one of his daughter’s books. In her turn, Matilda puts some glue into his hat.

The girl finds a good friend at school. She also gets to know about the headmistress and her cruel ways of punishing kids. One of the boys has played a trick on the principal, which has made her really angry. But Matilda helps him in a very smart way. The teacher comes to talk to Matilda’s parents, but finds out that they do not care of their daughter’s abilities and talents. She feels powerless. Meanwhile Matilda returns to library and tells another part of her story about acrobats (the woman gets pregnant but has to perform their trick). A bit later, after we find out that Matilda’s friends going to make fun of headmistress, she comes back to the library to continue the story. The acrobat gets injured and dies after giving birth to a daughter. Her cruel sister is asked to help with the baby, but she keeps abusing a little girl. Next time, Matilda is going to finish the story. She comes home and sees that her father has successfully deceived his clients. She is angry, and they quarrel. After this, she is sent to her room. There Matilda finishes the story. Then we see Matilda at school, where the principal is going to punish an innocent boy. The girl is angry and we finally hear what she has been feeling all this time. At the same time, the girl discovers her ability to move objects. The teacher invites her to visit her place. There the teacher tells the story of her childhood, and Matilda understands that it's the same she has told before.

At school, the principal tries to punish the kids again. However, Matilda uses her power, and a superstitious woman runs away. The teacher becomes a new headmistress and finds her parents’ will. Matilda cannot use her powers anymore, as there is no reason for that. The girl’s family has to run away from Mafia. But Matilda wants to stay. Former business partners arrive to punish her father, but she convinces them not to touch her family. The father agrees to leave the girl with the teacher.
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