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Tell Me Why lyrics

Tell Me Why

To think that all these years
I never really knew you.
We sat across this table
And lived a lie.

How stupid could I be?
To look, but never see?

Now tell me why
I wasted half my life
and passed up all me chances.
I thought I could protect you
You let me try.

How selfish and how cruel,
to cast me as your fool.

Now tell me why
I still dream about a day,
I'm dancing at your wedding.
I catch your bride's bouquet,
and wave goodbye.

And you my baby boy,
You're finally on your way.
You'll never see that day.
And, Alfie, nor will I.

I see us sitting out our lives,
two people at a table.
Just like a faded picture,
In some old frame.

You should have told me, Alfie,
Why did you never tell me?

You must have known
I'd love you all the same.
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