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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. A Man of No Importance
  3. The Burden of Life The Burden of Life Video
  4. Going Up Going Up Video
  5. Princess
  6. First Rehearsal First Rehearsal Video
  7. The Streets of Dublin
  8. Books 
  9. Man in the Mirror Man in the Mirror Video
  10. Love Who You Love
  11. Act 2
  12. Our Father Our Father Video
  13. Confession
  14. The Cuddles Mary Gave The Cuddles Mary Gave Video
  15. Art Art Video
  16. A Man of No Importance (Reprise) 
  17. Love Who You Love (Robbie's Reprise) 
  18. Man in the Mirror (Reprise) 
  19. Tell Me Why
  20. Love Who You Love (Adele's Reprise) 
  21. Welcome to the World Welcome to the World Video
  22. Poem 
  23. Love's Never Lost

Man of No Importance, A review

Man of No Importance, A Review - Broadway musical

The musical tells the story of the dream and difficulty of its achievement. Everyone is trying to be perfect, finding himself or herself in the place of the protagonist. Story of the creation of Salome featured in the musical is a symbol of such goal. Each one has its own. Much more important in difficult moments to follow the example of the hero, continue to fight for your success. And never give up. Only those who stand unyielding, reach heights.

The plot has a classic structure, which manifests itself in the progressive development of events. The audience is well aware of what is happening on the screen. This gives the opportunity to concentrate all attention on the compositions and characters. By the way, the latter turned out to be very interesting. In the initial stages the musical, Alfie causes some suspicion: he looks too naive, but at the same time, purposeful. But then comes the understanding of all the actions of the protagonist. Even there is an ascent on not the most pleasant details of his life, which is not able to significantly affect a positive attitude towards him. Who doesn’t have skeletons in their chambers? We all do.

Female characters possess features that characterize the majority of their gender. In the heroines of Lily and Adele the spectator can see the love, emotion, care, short temper and frequent changes of mood. F. Prince & S. Murphy perfectly coped with their roles. Their characters look really alive.

The musical contains many original and unusual episodes, departing from the established canons of the genre. To take, for example, a song Our Father, along with its accompanying choreography. The audience sees on stage the true expression in the performance of the two men and two women, passing Irish notes to the composition. Moments as such are in abundance. The ability to surprise is the most important feature of the really high-quality projects, like this one.
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