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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. A Man of No Importance
  3. The Burden of Life The Burden of Life Video
  4. Going Up Going Up Video
  5. Princess
  6. First Rehearsal First Rehearsal Video
  7. The Streets of Dublin
  8. Books 
  9. Man in the Mirror Man in the Mirror Video
  10. Love Who You Love
  11. Act 2
  12. Our Father Our Father Video
  13. Confession
  14. The Cuddles Mary Gave The Cuddles Mary Gave Video
  15. Art Art Video
  16. A Man of No Importance (Reprise) 
  17. Love Who You Love (Robbie's Reprise) 
  18. Man in the Mirror (Reprise) 
  19. Tell Me Why
  20. Love Who You Love (Adele's Reprise) 
  21. Welcome to the World Welcome to the World Video
  22. Poem 
  23. Love's Never Lost

A Man of No Importance lyrics

A Man of No Importance

It's a rainy Dublin morning,
sky a leaden gray.
Black umbrellas passing,
just your normal day.

A woman is sliding two eggs on a plate,
calling her brother, "Now Alfie, you're late!"

and a man is brushing the lint from his vest,
just a man, his uniform dutifully pressed,
now the man remembers a poem that makes his heart year.

but his sister says, "straighten your tie"
and the butcher next door waves goodbye
to a man of no importance.

Picture the bus as it moves down a street
past a window of fish and a priest on a bike.
A handful of people with journeys to make,
leaving the ev'ry day world in their wake.

Just a man conducting his bus through the day
but the day is now something more than a day
as the man takes tickets and looks at the girls dressed in blue.

Then his driver yells "Alf, you ok?"
and the bus lumbers off on its way,
as a man of no importance ends his day.
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