Mamma Mia! synopsis

Mamma Mia! synopsis

Mamma Mia! Synopsis - Broadway musical

Young Sophie is getting married soon. The main dream of 20-year-old girl is to be lead to the altar by her father. Donna brought up Sophie alone, so she does not know the man's name. Finding mother’s personal diary, which she has been writing for 9 months before the birth of a daughter, she found that a woman has had three romancing lines in that period. Sophie decided to invite Sam, Bill & Harry – lovers – at her wedding. She was hoping to find out during the celebration who is her father. Donna did not know anything about the daughter’s intentions. She invited to the wedding of Sophie her friends, with whom previously played in the same music band. The day before the celebration Tanya and Rosie arrived. One of them was rich, already divorced three times, and the other remained unmarried dasher. Women were very happy to see each other, and began to remember the tempestuous past.

Sam, Bill and Harry arrived soon. Donna was very surprised to see her former boyfriends. Sophie had time to ask the men not to tell her mother about the fact that she invited them to the wedding. So, Donna thought that her former lovers decided to come to the celebration at their own. She was very upset because of this, but friends managed to lift her spirit. Sophie thought that immediately would recognize her father as soon as she’ll see him. But unfortunately it did not happen. Shortly the bachelorette party of Sophie has been arranged. Rosie, Donna, and Tanya dressed up in old suits and performed inflaming concert in front of the guests. During a bachelorette party, Sophie tried to find out which of the men is her father. She talked to Sam, Harry and Bill consequentially. Only a third suspected that Sophie might be his daughter. Aunt of Bill left Donna a legacy, so that the woman was able to open her tavern. She asked the man to lead her to the altar, but he advised to discuss it first with Sophie. Suddenly, Donna did not want anyone to know about the fatherhood. Sophie asked Bill not to say anything to her mother. Yielding to the entreaties of the girl, he agreed. Soon, Sam and Harry came to the girl. Every one of them finally realized why she had invited them to the wedding, and promised to take her to the altar. The bride did not know what to do – she did not want to disappoint any of her possible fathers.

After the nightmare's dream of Sophie, Donna began to find out whether her child really wants to get married. But she rejected the doubts of mother. She wanted her children to know the name of own father, so wedding was to be held with Skye. Upset because of a quarrel with her daughter, Donna refused to talk to Sam, who came to talk to her. She still has not forgiven the man for his sudden departure many years ago. Soon Skye learned why Sophie has invited three of her mother's lovers. He accused the girl that she had decided to marry just to find out who her real father is. Sam tried to comfort Sophie, but it did not work. Donna helped her daughter to wear a wedding dress and could not believe that her girl is a grown-up now. She told Sophie about how she disowned her when found out about the pregnancy. Hearing this, the girl asked Donna to take her to the altar. Men were a little upset to hear about this choice of a bride.

When Donna lead Sophie the path to the altar, she told guests that the girl's father is present in the room. But the woman did not know which of the suitors gave life to her daughter – all dating have taken place in a very short period. The men agreed that fatherhood on a third is better than nothing – as long as they can continue to taking care of Sophie. Suddenly she interrupted the ceremony. She told Skye that is not yet ready for the wedding. The groom undertook this with understanding.

Taking advantage of this, Sam decided to make an offer to Donna. The man explained why he left his favorite – he had to cancel own engagement with fiancée that he had. Returning back, Sam learned that Donna has met Bill. As a result, he married his former fiancée. Now the man is divorced. When he learned that Sam still loves her, Donna agreed to become his wife. Wedding ceremony continued. Sophie decided to implement yet another dream, and went to Skye on a long trip abroad.
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