Mamma Mia! review

Mamma Mia! review

Mamma Mia! Review - Broadway musical

ABBA's songs were so popular that the idea of creating a musical based on them was resting on the surface. But it came to mind only to Judy Kreimer. Thanks to the efforts of the discerning producer, the musical “Mamma Mia” was born. Known tunes included in the golden fund of world music collection. Using them for staging illustrations was a great idea. No matter in whose performance sounded songs of the legendary band – they continued to be provocative and inflaming. Lyrics of Swedish composers in the performance perfectly complement its storyline. They contain simple aspirations of ordinary people. It is due to this compositions, the histrionics became close to almost all the spectators. Experiences of Sophie and Donna perfectly transferred in songs, performed by women at different points in their lives. Wonderfully arranged dance numbers enable the public to immerse themselves in the history of the bride and her mother.

Musical is built on the theme of love. For Sophie it is a current moment. For Donna – it is almost the past. Rosie aspires to romantic feelings, and Bill is afraid of losing them. Sam is firm in his intention to prove his love to Donna. The play is filled with emotions’ intertwines. There is love in all its forms – passionate, friendly, parental. Story of Donna and Sam shows that the true feelings of people do not fade with time – they are only waiting for the right moment to shine with a bright light once again. The melodies of famous songs underscore the passion that reigns on the stage during the whole performance. The bright colors of the costumes contribute to the atmosphere of the musical – color flow of 70s perfectly perceived in modern times. The shining of those happy years gives people a good mood – it helps the audience to get a lot of positive emotions from watching this spectacle.

Sincere joy remains for a long time in the soul after the musical ends. Love every moment reminds about its existence. For those who just started its search, this work is a kind of symbol of future happiness. ABBA's music gives irrepressible love to inhabitants of the stage and the beholders hall, and they praise it highly. A good proof of this is the performances, still existing on the stages of theaters around the world. Since the first time of the play, it has been almost 17 years, but it is still a pleasure to the audience. Very famous melodies sound vividly even for those viewers who were born after the premiere.
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