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Album lyrics:
  1. Act I
  2. Opening 
  3. Our Time 
  4. Starting Over 
  5. Paris 
  6. Burn It Up 
  7. Time/Two Paintings 
  8. The Exchange 
  9. A New Vision for the Future 
  10. Stillness 
  11. L’Amour Fou 
  12. My Kingdom 
  13. Woman Is
  14. Act II
  15. The Grind 
  16. The New Woman 
  17. The Most Beautiful Bracelet 
  18. Adam and Eve 
  19. What She Sees 
  20. New Vision (Reprise) 
  21. Spinning 
  22. Women 
  23. Speed 
  24. I’d Like Him to Remember Me 
  25. The Time I Didn’t Know You 
  26. The New Woman (Reprise) 
  27. Brush and Oils 
  28. Blasted California Sun 
  29. Finale 
  30. Other Songs
  31. Perfection
  32. Stay

Perfection lyrics


[MARINETTI, spoken]
We fought a war that broke the world in two
The world has irrevocably changed

[MALE STUDENT 1, spoken]

[MALE STUDENT 2, spoken]

[MALE STUDENT 3, spoken]

We can't go back

Our innocence is gone
We are sober broken creatures
And we need art that speaks where we live now
With the knowledge of the knife's edge

But look at this
Trees! The river! And... trees!

A streetlamp glowing down on wet cobblestones
How very Parisian!
It would make some bourgeois housewife happy
When she hangs it behind her couch

And speaking of couch...
Ah, here we go!
A nude reclining
Why do we ever need to see another goddamn naked woman?!
There's new beauty in the world today:
The beauty of speed and power racing towards a glorious future!

This is the age of the machine
Man now can dream of perfection


With speed and steel
Flames spitting [?]
Engine and automobile
Achieve perfection

Destroy the past
Destroy convention
Everything that hinders our ascension
To perfection

Speed, the speed, the machine

[MARINETTI, spoke-sung]
No more paintings of ballerinas
No more paintings of sad musicians
No more paintings of naked women
Or bowls of fucking fruit

All must be smashed
Rules are meant to be broken
Glorious destruction pave the way for truth
Imperfections left behind
Sleek and powerful can stay

[MALE STUDENT 4, spoken]
It's brutal!
[MARINETTI, spoken]
No, it's kind

Straight and perfection lead the way

Weakness is not kindness
Weakness is a mess


[BARONESS, spoken]
But what is imperfect?
Who decides?

[MARINETTI, spoke-sung]
Ah, Baroness, you're looking lovely
Dressed as always to a tee
You've a soft heart
It's part of your charm

[BARONESS, spoken]
Who decides?

[MARINETTI, spoke-sung]
Him, him, him, and me!
We must decide there isn't room for everyone
It's about expedience
Europe will be overrun with imbeciles, criminals
And deviants


[BARONESS, spoken]
Come now Marinetti, I disagree
Isn't perfection the enemy?
True beauty lies in humanity
Imperfections and all

[MARINETTI, spoke-sung]
Sentimental woman
Next you'll tell me
"Beauty is truth and truth is beauty"
When you and I both know
Truth is often... ugly

[MARINETTI laughs in the background as the MALE STUDENTS sing]
In this new age of the machine
Man now can dream of perfection

With speed and steel
Flames spitting [?]
Engine and automobile
Achieve perfection (Achieve perfection)

Destroy the past (the speed, the machine)
Destroy convention
Everything that hinders our ascension

In this new age of the machine
Man now can dream of perfection

[MARINETTI, spoke-sung]
Beauty, speed, the machine
The future is barrelling down on us
Feel the rush

To the beauty of speed, the machine
The future's careening like a drunk end thing [?]
Hear it sing

Feel the rush of the wind
While the piston is pushed
Hear the whoosh of the engines that pass your body

See the sky filling up
With machines
Each silver plane, a bird on the wind

The future's a polished [?] with a glorious thing!
Can you feel it?
This spinnet, the future is here!
It's tomorrow now!
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