Lempicka cast

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act I
  2. Opening 
  3. Our Time 
  4. Starting Over 
  5. Paris 
  6. Burn It Up 
  7. Time/Two Paintings 
  8. The Exchange 
  9. A New Vision for the Future 
  10. Stillness 
  11. L’Amour Fou 
  12. My Kingdom 
  13. Woman Is
  14. Act II
  15. The Grind 
  16. The New Woman 
  17. The Most Beautiful Bracelet 
  18. Adam and Eve 
  19. What She Sees 
  20. New Vision (Reprise) 
  21. Spinning 
  22. Women 
  23. Speed 
  24. I’d Like Him to Remember Me 
  25. The Time I Didn’t Know You 
  26. The New Woman (Reprise) 
  27. Brush and Oils 
  28. Blasted California Sun 
  29. Finale 

Lempicka cast

Lempicka Cast - Broadway musical

Music by Matt Gould
Lyrics by Carson Kreitzer
Book by Matt Gould, Carson Kreitzer

Tamara de Lempicka
Tadeusz Lempicki
Kizette de Lempicka
The Baron
The Baroness
Suzy Solidor
Last Update:November, 20th 2023

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