Last 5 Years, The synopsis

Last 5 Years, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

For five years, a variety of events can interfere in the loving relationship & they not always will be something good. Some couples become closer: a man & a woman accustomed to each other, learn to compromise & begin to live in harmony & to fight the same problems as one rock. But there are other couples, who experience things not so firmly. To the second category belong protagonists of the musical The Last 5 Years, Jamie & Cathy.

The script of this creation made in a rather non-standard style. For a very short period, it showed to beholders things from the young people’s past together with present. As mentioned above, in the plot’s center is writer Jamie & aspiring actress Cathy. The musical uses an interesting narrative style, where Cathy reveals all the stuff in reverse chronological order. It starts with the concert, which took place on the final stage of the relationship of the protagonists. As for Jamie – his story begins from the moment of the first meeting with the potential spouse. Interestingly that man & woman do not interact with each other until the wedding song that sounds in the middle of the histrionics.

She sits alone in mourning about the end of their marriage, which lasted 5 years. Viewer's attention turns to Jamie, who had just met a beautiful girl named Cathy. The main character is overjoyed. Every minute he sees his future with her. It can be so beautiful! Actions of the following scenes take place in Ohio. Girl's birthday is nigh. She does her best to correct any problems in her marriage, to make it better. But every time Jamie tells her he has to go back in New York, she is literally furious. The focus is again on young novelist, negotiating with his agent about his new book.

In the life of the protagonist, everything’s going great. His new job was published, day-by-day relationships with his young wife only get better. Jamie notices that everything is too good to be true. In parallel elsewhere, beholder sees oppressed her. Her career & popularity lowered. Girl doesn’t have the ability to change anything…

Further development of the musical moves in about this way. The ending of this is meeting of main characters at the moment, when there were no bounds in their love & happiness.
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