Last 5 Years, The review

Last 5 Years, The Review - Broadway musical

Unusual musical’s structure has provided a lot of space for the quality artistic execution. It is worth noting that N. L. Butz & S. R. Scott fully taken advantage of their chances and played almost the best roles in their careers. In fact, throughout the play, we see only two characters – male and female. In this situation, particular attention is directed toward artists. Butz perfectly played the role of Jamie. Through his character, he demonstrated to spectators bright emotions such as joy, love, confidence in the future and so forth. Unlike his theatrical partner, S. Scott played more dramatic character. Sorrow, tears, hysteria & depression were the main satellites of heroine. Acting is the strongest part of this piece.

The director did not try to simplify his work. He uses sophisticated dialogues, innovative twists, making the viewer think. All the scenes have rather interesting music accompaniment. It has everything – classical piano, rock sounding. Such diverse music decorates the production, as well as successfully emphasizes already excellent artistic execution.

This is a visual aid for young couples demonstrating the complexities of family life. Many lovers initially think that their relationship will last forever. But the gray everyday’s life gradually makes romance fade, passion disappears somewhere. For example, the main audience can see what mistakes led to the emergence of a precipice between people, leading to a further separation. After analyzing of this creature of J. R. Brown, you can take home many useful thoughts. Perhaps one of them will help you to build really strong and lasting relationships.
Last Update:April, 21st 2016

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