Kiss Me, Kate review

Kiss Me, Kate review

Kiss Me, Kate Review - Broadway musical

It is quite interesting musical for those who love "the story in the story" style, Shakespeare's plays and love comedies. There is also a television version of the musical, which is recommended to viewing too. But watching the show on a stage is the best way to feel its atmosphere and to enjoy the music.

The plot of the musical is quite simple. What is really interesting, it is partly based on the real events. Fred, the actor, divorced with his wife Lily a year ago. His friend, composer Cole Porter, brought him the scenario of the new musical. Fred and Cole know that only Lilly can play Katerina's role professionally. Therefore, they invite her to play in the musical. Keen on joint game on a scene, Fred and Lily understand that they still love each other. But he already has a girlfriend Lois, and she has a groom who is engaged in cultivation of cattle in Texas.

After a performance, a pleasant aftertaste remains. This is beautiful spectacular: scenery, lighting, dances, and suit. All this things are at the top-level. Voices of actors are lively and pure – it is very pleasant to listen to them. However, the terrifying falseness in drama (not musical and dancing) episodes spoils almost all pleasure. The conductor and an orchestra gave all their best. Music bewitches and excites.

As it was spoken earlier, the plot is a history of incomplete love of the former spouses, who met on a stage in joint performance. It's an unusual form of the show. The performance is a story in story, with all experiences and emotions, postponed on the audience. It is like Master and Marguerite by Bulgakov in the style, but at much lower level.

The musical will also be pleasant to great William Shakespeare's admirers and his play “The Taming of the Shrew”. Besides that, there is a set of sending to this work in the performance, the show is the modern version of the play. There is also one more disadvantage of this musical. When the viewer watches it for the first time, he cannot understand it. Some scenes, such as communication of the ex-husband and wife, beginning with mops and unflattering words about the audience, can seem boring or just not be pleasant to them. Thus, an audience should be prepared to watch this musical upfront it enters the hall.

It is better to see a premier of the performance not when it is shown for the first or the second time. Watch it after the sixth – when roles are already strummed, actors have achieved good teamwork and begin to improvise. It is difficult to understand the musical from the first attempt. But if the viewer watches it 2-3 times, it is difficult to promise that show won't be pleasant. The musical may not be suitable for family viewing. But the audience of 16 years can come to the performance and enjoy it. In general, "Kiss me, Kate" is an interesting embodiment of the Shakespeare's play with elements of modern comedy.
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