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Kiss Me, Kate Lyrics

This musical is written by the Spewacks. C. Porter is an author of the music. Porter's wife Linda acquainted him with journalists Samuel and Bella Spewak. The spouses had fiery temperament. Their matrimonial life constantly teetered on the brink of divorce. That inspired Bella on writing of modern option of Shakespeare's play. Porter had an idea to make the musical according to this scenario.

The first version of the performance was shown on Broadway in 1948. The musical had deafening success therefore its display lasted 19 months. J. C. Wilson was the director. Actors were the following: A. Drake, P. Morison, L. Kirk, H. Lang, C. Wood and H. Clark. The UK version of the musical was created on West End in 1951. The cast included P. Morison, B. Johnson, A. Hall and J. Wilson.

The next versions were created in London in 1970, 1987, 2001 and 2012. Broadway revival took place in 1999. The musical has 41 nominations. It won 17 of them, including 11 Tony Awards. The musical has also one film version and 4 embodiments on TV. The first of them was let out in 1953.
Release date: 1948
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