Jekyll & Hyde synopsis

Jekyll & Hyde synopsis

Jekyll & Hyde Synopsis - Broadway musical

Mad scientist is a quite sad thing. Mad scientists, who claim to morality – completely sad. As in any classic story of a similar nature, the viewer gets to the late years of twentieth century, when science already actively moved forward, and the human imagination and the fears creep out in the form of musicals, films and books.

This story begins with the reasoning of the protagonist of good and evil, about dichotomy, inseparable confrontation of polar things, harmoniously coexisting in the human soul, and their struggle. The separation of these things on the components could fix the world, to deprive it of the root of all evil – the human one. But only in theory. The protagonist, a doctor named Jekyll, is a young and expressive scientist. He is charming and clever, handsome and successful, his ideas are felicitous in society. Best Jekyll’s friend is lawyer named John Utterson. In the beginning, he tells to beholders about the doctor’s life, work and social importance of this person.

Then the action takes us back in time to the hospital ward for the mentally ill, where the bed is taken by a father of this brilliant doctor. He is paralyzed and mentally ill. Jekyll believes that in the illness of his parents the evil is responsible that filled his soul. If he can separate particles of evil, he will be able to heal not only his father, but all Mankind. (In the matter of fact, he never asked Humanity – does it want to be cured?).

Evil, greedy, hypocritical people scurry around the streets of London, storing in the souls the darkness and anger, trying to hide all goodness and real, to exhibit only what pleases the public. It oppresses the doctor. At a meeting of the Governing Board of the hospital, Dr. Jekyll releases his ideas on the research plan. He offers to arrange an experiment on a living person to prove his theory, but all these people are typical representatives of secular society, hypocritical, rich, artificially brilliant. All except Mr. Danvers, the future father-in-law of Jekyll. Board members burst into exclamations of blasphemy and sacrilege, the complete insanity of the doctor, and refuse him in five of six votes. Jekyll is upset that his idea has failed.

That same evening, Mr. Danvers arranges reception on occasion of the wedding of the doctor with his daughter Emma, after which Jekyll and Utterson go to the pub with a dubious reputation, to spend a baccalaurean party. One of the main parts, is played by Lucy the prostitute, who afterwards immediately goes to Jekyll. Utterson is lead away by another girl, and young people soon stay alone. After some time after a long conversation, interrupting a kiss of doctor and prostitute, Utterson arrives, Jekyll and he leave the pub, but Jekyll manages to give a business card to a girl. On the way home excited Jekyll tells his friend that finally found his object for study, but Utterson, thinking it was just intoxicating delirium, sends a doctor to sleep. Since then, Dr. Jekyll works very hard to create a serum that will separate the good from the evil in human person to show it out. Develops to use it on himself. A few minutes separated the doctor from becoming a humanoid monster, in which he has turned. The name of this monster is Hyde.

Hyde became a separate personality of Jekyll, embodying all his hatred and the darkest ideas: he killed all the members of the Board and a prostitute, who was in love with the doctor. Hyde became a separate creature, not connected with the doctor anyhow, and they face a long struggle for supremacy in the body. Hyde, as the evil, was defeated and bound by Jekyll, but at the cost of his life, when at a wedding of Jekyll, Hyde brakes out, and the doctor, snatching a few seconds of consciousness, ordered to Utterson to shoot him.
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