Jekyll & Hyde review

Jekyll & Hyde review

Jekyll & Hyde Review - Broadway musical

This musical shows a society and a human being from their two sides: good and evil. Sides that are completely different, but closely interrelated and it is impossible to imagine one without the other. Dr. Jekyll shows himself fully, showing a character that can hold two persons: himself and his evil opposite – Hyde. The question arises quite sharply, touching all spheres of human life: family, work, friendship, and strangers. Love line is two-sided. Marital fidelity stands in front of the wrong connection with the prostitute, which is perceived as evil, which "must be eradicated".

The actors did their best. The best revealing of the characters did Linda Eder and Robert Cuccioli (Lucy, Jekyll and Hyde, respectively). Linda's voice is fascinating during her parties, plunging the beholders into the atmosphere of the most unrequited love and selfless dream of doctor. The main character, Jekyll, was executed by Robert brilliantly. Their duet was able to show great performance’ drama woven into the plot, not only by beautiful voices, but also by a great acting, of which even critics admired.

The story itself starts a certain dissonance in a viewer, showing how shaky is the line between light and darkness in the human soul, as one interconnected with each other, leading them apart is very different, but coming out of each other good and evil parts. Jekyll and Hyde is one person, but from totally different angles – a thing that allows to undress every part of the soul and mind of protagonist, making him an antagonist also at the same time, struggling within one person, not between two people, which is quite interesting approach. Shadow and light show so sharply that no one would have any doubt that they cannot co-exist without each other. Here, a good scientist dies, unable to defeat the evil within himself. There are enough things provoking reflections about own life and impulses of living. The production has a decent and fascinating story too, full of professional acting, which makes the colors more vivid and worthwhile.
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