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I'm Not Waiting/Progression Lyrics - It's Only Life

I'm Not Waiting/Progression Lyrics

[Man 2]
I?m not waiting for the sun
To dance and spin above me
I?m not waiting for the one to rush right in and love me

[Woman 1]
I?m not waiting for a door
To open on a face
I?m not waiting anymore frozen in place
A deer in the light,
Eyes all aglow blind at the sight of a thing I just know
Has to be right.
I?m not waiting

[Man 3]
I?m not waiting for a smile to tell me life?s worth living
I?ve been waiting for a while and time is unforgiving

[Man 1]
Someone beams my better half
Someone screams I?m sorry
Someone can no longer laugh caught in between
The say and the mean
Fearing the worst, lost the routine, bubble is burst with all that I?ve seen
I?m not waiting

[Woman 2]
Who made the rule that two is better than one?
I bet that fool is alone by a phone coming undone
Go ahead and read your books and practice looks
Prepare your hooks for baiting
I?m not looking to the skies
I?m not leaping for the prize
I?m not catching any eyes in hopes they might complete me
I am not incomplete
This solitude is sweet.
I?m not waiting

[Thanks to Alyssa for lyrics]
[Thanks to Steve C for corrections]
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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