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You Said You Loved Me lyrics

You Said You Loved Me

You said you loved me
Now I know you could love anyone
Remember how ou said that love was fun
Well you don't think love's always fun, do you?
What do you expect me to do?


You said you loved me
Well now we both know you never did
And now you show up, I say grow up kid
Slow up kid, cool down
We never clicked enough for you to ever stick around
It's true
Don't try to make it work with me
And start to work on you

Well don't expect me too

There's so much work to do
Oh, you said you loved me

I did

But now there's really nothing left to say

Come on

No more lying, no more games to play

Heidi, you don't understand

Keep on trying, you might be OK

I can't

Really, Nicky, start today
Rub yourself, and you're on your way

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