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Starting Over lyrics

Starting Over

It's like a pattern
It's like it's some unwritten law
If Pepper dates them, they've got to have their tragic flaw
The glass is almost empty
And this guy's the final straw
And now it's like I'm finally starting over
I've got to work it out somehow

This life's a cycle, and it'll endlessly repeat
To try to change it would be admitting your defeat
And men are what define you
Without them you're incomplete
But then you know whatever makes you happy
It'll never be the men

The games we play
The things he said
I barely even knew him when we jumped right into bed
And love in like the movies
Or stories that we read
Boys were heroes
Girls were victims
Has it all been in my head

You're starting over
You know it's time to bring it back
It's no use wondering how you got so far off track
There's more than who you're screwing
What you're doing in the sack
There's so much
You need a shoulder you can cry on
To rely on in the clot

A friend to say forget these men
It's a new day
Let's start again
A friend who's there when everybody's gone
A friend to care to see that you can carry on

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