In Trousers synopsis

In Trousers synopsis

In Trousers Synopsis - Broadway musical

In the center of the plot, you see only one character. His name is Marvin. All the action is happening around him. And this actually is his story. Marvin has a family, which consists of his wife and a son. The woman even bears no name, while his son is called Jason. His wife is shown as quite shrewish woman. She does not make him happy at all.

The plot is concentrated on Marvin’s thoughts. He keeps thinking about his true orientation. He cannot decide, whether he is a homo or a bi. To find this out, Marvin recollects all the past events starting from his childhood. He keeps immerge into his memories step by step. First of all, the main character remembers his previous relationships. They were various. Among them, there is one school love. He was also deeply attached to his English teacher, called Miss Goldberg. He recollects, how she once has proposed him to play Christopher Columbus in one of the plays staged at school. Then these memories go away. The main hero is upset. It is really hard for him to decide. On the one hand, he wants to be happy, but on the other hand, he does not want to disappoint and ruin his family and life. His feelings and worries are the key features of the plot.

Finally, Marvin makes the most important choice in his life. He admits that he wants to be only with men. The main character leaves his wife and son in order to spend his life with the dear and delightful “Whizzer" Brown.

There is also a continuation of the Marvin’s story. His future is shown in two other musicals. His inner thoughts and self-determination are displayed. The main character is still looking for some kind of peace and happy ending. There are two sequels in total. Each of them has only one act.
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