In Trousers review

In Trousers review

In Trousers Review - Broadway musical

As many other modern people, Marvin has done everything that the others have expected from him. The main character got married and gave birth to a son. However, only after some time he starts to understand that he is not happy. The plot is, on the one hand, very close to real life. It is so, because we frequently do particular things just because the others do the same. But on the other hand, the issue of homosexuality is touched in this spectacle. It makes it pretty original performance. Some of the beholders may even say they do not support such topics. Well, if you are such type of a person, just pass this musical by. However, if you are ready to think deeper, to shut your eyes to the superficial issue of gender orientation and the prejudices connected with it – you will enjoy the show.

Of course, it is not for people, who are ready to condemn anyone, who is not like them, but for the opposite ones – with open mind and heart and able to understand that all people have feelings. The story of the musical teaches up to accept the uniqueness of the others, and, what is more important, to accept ourselves. Nobody can change his or her nature after all. And there is only one choice – to be unhappy through all your life, following the prejudices of the surrounding ones, or to go against social standards and to live as you feel to be right. Marvin is the one, who has to make such a decision. His thoughts and feelings are perfectly transferred by the leading actor. In general, the acting is fascinating. It is hard to play, when all you need to show is emotions, not actions. But the actors managed to do it finely tuned.

One more thing, which attracts the attention of the audience is, of course, the music. William Finn made his best to build the whole story on it. The songs are wonderful and beautiful. You see no confrontation in the histrionics. All the Marvin’s transformations are displayed through the songs. We may say that the composer did a really great job!

The show itself is quite extraordinary as well. And it is caused not only by the plot. In fact, there are no dialogues in the musical. It is even called a songs cycle. There are plenty of solos, duets, trios and even quartets in it. What is more interesting, even though the story is about non-conventional gender orientation, there are no other male characters here. The main hero only exhibiting on the stage. Such feature makes “In Trousers” very peculiar.

There is an important metaphor in the center of the story. When Marvin’s schoolteacher offers him to be Columbus in a school play, she, so to say, sends him to discover the New World with other men. It is probably a critical moment for the main character, with which he starts his “journey” and discovers his true aspirations, which he will examine only several years later.

Well, the musical is worth watching by all means. Everything – the plot, the actors, the costumes and music, is mesmerizing. All you need – is to agree with yourself that many issues, exist in the world, deserve to be revealed and you’ll enjoy the show.
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