I Love My Wife synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. We're Still Friends We're Still Friends Video
  3. Monica 
  4. By Threes 
  5. Love Revolution 
  6. A Mover's Life 
  7. Someone Wonderful I Missed Someone Wonderful I Missed Video
  8. Sexually Free 
  9. Act 2
  10. Hey There, Good Times Hey There, Good Times Video
  11. By The Way If You Are Free Tonight 
  12. Lovers On Christmas Eve 
  13. Scream 
  14. Ev'rybody Today Is Turning On 
  15. Married Couple Seeks Married Couple 
  16. I Love My Wife 

I Love My Wife synopsis

I Love My Wife Synopsis - Broadway musical

The plot revolves around the desire of several people of New Jersey (the four of them and initially – of two men) to diversify their intimate life. Men, who were friends from the college, now work on sedate positions and they are aged around 40 years old. One of them is engaged in transportation of furniture, and the second is PR executive. They lack of erogenous diversity in lives and therefore they are plotting a swing, where each of them would sleep with the wife of another.

With this idea, they come to their wives, one of which was originally agreed on such a plan, and they are coming for dinner on the occasion of Christmas Eve to the second pair, but the second wife was not thrilled with their proposals. She leaves, while the remaining three are discussing the details of such a plan. After some time, she returns and three persuade her with this intention. The entire quartet is pleased that an agreement was finally reached, and climbs into bed.

There, one of women offers to relieve tension and to smoke a pot and in the process, and the mood of all improved markedly. Then they begin to quote the manual for proper intercourse and discuss how it would be best, but all ideas are rejected in the result of collective discussion.
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